A hanging

I figured you’ve seen painting before, so I skipped over that bit.  However, a key part regarding the sizing of this shelf had to do with the fact that 4′ is just about the maximum you can fit between the wheelwells on a full-size pickup.


When you’re figuring a job,  ALWAYS take transportation into account.  I will reveal a story here which will highlight how a bit of foresight can keep you sane:

Back in the halcyon days of yore, when I was making everything out of 2×4’s and plywood, I decided to build a bookshelf.  I had plenty of books, so it needed to be big.  I made it as large as I could fit in the room.  When the time came to move it out of the shop into the room where I needed it, I quickly realised that all was not well.  While the bookshelf would fit in the room, it would not fit through the door.  The only thing I could do was lop off the top shelf to make it short enough to fit.  So do keep in mind how you’re going to install things.

With the display shelf, the install requires that the cleat be installed first.  Do be sure to install it right way round.  That’s not a fun fix either.  But once the cleat is on the wall, it’s a simple matter to lift the shelf on to it and it’s done.


The only part left was to stock it!  So now, when you go to City Folks Farm Shop, you will see my shelf and a selection of the wares I typically make there on display.  Stop on by!