Rack ’em

When I finished the display shelf last week, I was relieved to have it gone.  You would not believe how roomy the shop felt once it wasn’t there anymore.  But I wasn’t happy with one aspect of it: how the cutting boards fit.  They took up a whole shelf for two boards and I didn’t like that very much.  Surely it could be more…economical.

So I started with a few offcuts from the shelf, and played workbench Jenga with them until I had a design that looked okay and would arrange the cutting boards nicely.


This particular build is going to be constructed with mortice and tenon joints throughout.  I started by cutting out the tenons on my short pieces.


Then I cut through mortices on the long pieces, using the tenons as my template.  Cut from both sides, and REMEMBER to cut your face side last, as this will put any splintering on the backside, under the shoulders of your tenons.


And finally, the joint will (grudgingly) slip together.  Five more, and then our frame will be ready to glue!