Not a Trejo movie


When I’m not working in the woodshop, I’m usually working outside.  One of the tools that I have found to be absolutely indispensable is my bolo-style machete.  For almost every job that I do out in the woods, I use it, from trying to blaze my way through the choking lianas to limbing trees once they’re on the ground.

The steel in this particular machete is well tempered 1055.  It’s tough enough to keep an edge for a while, but soft enough that not only does it not shatter if you hit a rock, but it also sharpens quickly and easily with nothing more than a few swipes of a file.  The bulbous front end transfers a lot more force into the cut than a straight-backed machete.  The handle, while utilitarian, is pretty well shaped for long work hours, without any pinching.  And it’s so inexpensive that you can cache them all over without breaking the bank.

So if you need an well-made (and well-priced) tool that will clear brush, limb trees, and decapitate zombies* with ease, look no further than this machete.  It’s certainly done right by me.


*No, I haven’t  gone the full Grimes in field testing its zombie decapitation skills, but it’s a reasonable extrapolation based on proven performance in other, related fields.