Uncivil civics

So far, I have tried to steer a course that avoids unsettling, polarising topics like religion, sports, and politics.  Even talking about the weather is out now since the global warming is apparently out to get us.  Sometimes, though, even the most reclusive woodworker gets dragged out into the wider world.


Tomorrow is election day, though I wonder how much meaning that has to most folks anymore, what with all the emphasis on early voting these days.  And interestingly, no matter what side of the aisle you happen to find yourself on these days, it appears that the end of the world is at hand!  People are going to get deported or the jackboot thugs are going to start confiscating all the guns and either way the barcoded foreheads are coming out.  Repent, sinners!

Well, the Cubs did win the World Series, so I guess anything is possible…

But the point is that there’s a desperate fervor that’s been percolating beneath the enforced civility of the “democratic process”.  And that desperation is ready to boil over with rancor.  There’s calls to have polling places here “watched” here in Ohio, and there are offices being firebombed in North Carolina.  These are the actions of folks who think that there is no choice left for them but to attack blindly and savagely, like a cornered animal.

Folks, we all bleed the same.

I, for one, will be happy to see this election be relegated to the dusty realms of history.  I’m sick and tired of the vitriol and outright loathing that has been spewed wantonly about.  I know the mail carrier is tired of delivering all the election mail that’s been flooding my postbox!  But most of all, I am tired of seeing my country ripping itself apart in spasms of distrust and fear.  Casting a ballot should not lead to the casting  of stones, and precinct results should not lead to riots.

I will not tell you how to vote, or even that you should vote.  What I will say is that no matter the outcome tomorrow, please remember to be civil to one another.