1.2 “(Of a person)…

…ready and able to change so as to adapt to different circumstances”

This is, of course, the Oxford definition of flexible.  What does this have to do with the woodworking, and more specifically my woodshop?  Allow me to indulge in a bit of doggerel, which is our preferred form of verse here in the shop:



‘Twas Thanksgiving eve,

And inside the stove,

A ball of white plasma,

Sputtered and glowed.

Okay, so maybe I won’t quit my day job to take up poetry just yet…  But this really was a problem.  There was a searing white blob of plasma spraying molten slag into the oven.  My dear wife pronounced, with all the urgency of Ben Stein touting eye drops, “Huh…the stove is on fire.”

I was slightly more alarmed at this turn of events.

So we got the circuit breaker shut off, and after everything cooled down, the cause was determined to be a faulty broiler element which, having broken in two, proceeded to arc rather spectacularly.  Yup, there’s your problem right there.


So today, on the woodshop’s list of tasks to be completed, was repair oven.  Okay, then.  Well, as we used to say back in the infantry, “Semper Gumby”, which parses (roughly) to “Always Flexible”.  So I got out a hex bit and pulled out the old broiler element and put in a new one (which I tested before cleaning the gunk from the arc fumes off).


It didn’t take but a few minutes, and I could put my appliance repairman hat back in the drawer.  That hat, by the way, must tip to the crew over at AppliancePartsPros, who had the part in stock, shipped quickly, and even had installation videos easily available.  Saved me the cost of a new oven, for sure.