Jacked up

It’s time to assemble and finish the bootjack.  The mortices are tapered very slightly, and the tenons are cut for wedges.  I’m using mahogany for these wedges both for its rot resistance, and for a little contrast with the oak.  Also, given the environment for use, a waterproof glue or epoxy is required.


Be sure to bevel the ends of the mouth (the teeth maybe?).  This not only improves the looks, but also keeps the ends from splintering.


Now, I got everything sanded down before I put this together.  It’s easier this way.  With a little judicious cleaning, the only thing that should be left to work on when the glue dries is to even off the tenons.  Before we put finish on, though, there is one more detail.  Since the oak is far harder than a set of boots, it will scuff the heels pretty badly as it is.  So, we line the mouth with a strip of leather.  I use epoxy to attach it.


Finally, I put on several coats of oil, and we’re done!


What?  You want a shot of the backside?  Okay.