Dead as a dado

Er, not so much.

But we are on to the joining of the step to the legs.  This requires a housing dado.  IT IS IMPORTANT that you measure from the top edge…on both pieces.  If you scribe them together, this will facilitate this.  We must measure from the top since the bottom of the legs will get levelled later on, and we want the step level.  If we measure from them as they are, it will (in all likelihood) turn out to be off a bit.  Also notice that they are cut with the same setting on the protractor that we used for the top angle.  If you use a regular square, you’ll be quite disappointed with the results.  But with a little care, they’ll turn out okay.


Once the housing dados are both done, make sure the middle step will seat correctly.  It looks in this picture like the edge of the step is all chewed up.  Well, that’s because the edge of the step is chewed up.  But it will work out in the big, beautiful end…believe me.