Kind of a stretch

Once the rounded bearing surfaces are trued, and the holes for the axle are bored, we can put in the stretchers on the back legs.  Be sure to mark from the top end, and as always, try to mark the two legs together for consistency.


The stretchers are attached with a lap joint.  As there are several “show” surfaces, it is important to be careful in your fitting.  They’ll be screwed down later, but they should hold themselves together at this point by friction alone.


Two stretchers make for four joints, which will take a little while to cut well, but persevere!  Once you’re done, you can see what the back half of the stool will look like.  But don’t secure it yet!  Our stool is only mostly done, and we’ll need to affix the back legs around the front ones and an axle before we can screw them down.