Gratuitous SAD post

So every year, about this time, it gets a little dreary in central Ohio.  It’s grey, and wet, and chilly.  But it’s not cold enough to snow, nor is it cold enough to freeze the mud.  It just rains intermittently and is overcast interminably.  A little concertina wire in the back yard, and it looks like the Great War.  It might not be so bad if it smelled of new life and growing things like it does in April, but it doesn’t.  It just smells of damp misery.  Blah.

But keep a stiff upper lip and all!  The sunshine will return and the warmth and life with it.  Just hang in there.  Until then, here’s a reminder of warm days and sunbeams, and a commentary on just how dreadfully rough it is to be worked like a dog.