You can’t get there from here

Today was a beautiful day here in Central Ohio: the sun was out and everything!

You Florida people over there can shut up now.

But it was a pretty day, both warm and sunny.  So I tackled a question I had pondered.  How to get from Linden (the neighborhood where I live) over to the much ritzier area of Gahanna.  There’s a new farmer’s market (it’s in a building so I’m not sure it’s a fitting title, but it’s also open during the winter so I’ll give it a pass…for now) and such.  These were appealing, but it came with a little bit of head-scratching.

There are two large creeks in between here and there.  The necessary bridges force traffic on to only two relevant roads.  One is full of fast-moving traffic, the other is narrow and winding.  This is more of a problem when you are trying to get there on your HPV (Human Powered Vehicle).


The EPA has not yet done a study determining the miles per taco this thing gets, but it’s a fair bit cheaper than gasoline.  I bought this old bike (mid 1970’s) during a bus strike five or six years back.  $100 at a pawn shop.  Since then I have put exactly one pair of tyres and tubes in it, and that’s it.  I’m thinking about oiling the chain this year, but I haven’t decided.

I was thinking about the fact that Google maps lets you zoom way down.  Maybe there was a ford or something that I’d missed.  So I zoomed in on the creek that I had a problem with and lo and behold, a bridge was there!  Now, I was reasonably familiar with that area, having delivered newspapers there some years decades ago, but I did not remember there being a bridge there.  It must be a new addition that might just fit the bill!   It was a small bridge from one waterside park to another.  No way you could fit a car across it, if you could even get the car through the park to begin with.  But I was borne on the smug pneumatic tyres of a safety bicycle!  A recon mission beckoned through the dulcet tones of a completely unseasonable nice day.

I was off!

So I pedaled my way past the multitude of halal grocery stores established by the waves of Somali immigrants.  I pedaled past the new fancy-pants giant grocery edifice.  I got all the way into darkest suburbia where the common sense grid of streets is tossed aside with reckless abandon.  And on the backside of this desert of single family detached houses, I finally got to the park.


It was pretty nice to loaf along under the trees.  The path was smooth since cars hadn’t been pounding it into oblivion, and the sun was warm.  Since it was the middle of the day, I had it all to myself.  Before too long, I got to the new (to me) bridge over Big Walnut Creek.  It cared not a whit that I was there, and continued to burble away to far off lands of gumbo and zydeco.


Now that I was safely across, it was back up through the suburbs and I was where I needed to be!  I stopped at one of the multitudinous branches of the OSU hospital and borrowed part of their crushingly crowded bike rack while I went elsewhere for Chinese food to fuel the rest of the day.  All in all, it was a pretty good ride.  The route was scouted, and it was about as straight-line as possible.  Not too bad for a day’s work*.



*I sharpened some tools and stuff too, so I wasn’t a complete bum.