This and that

So, there’s a sense that most of what I do is pretty linear: Step A leads to step B, and so on.  But there’s a lot of other work being done at the same time.  While I was working on the bench, I was also working on other projects that don’t get the same coverage, but that’s only because I’ve done them (and shown them here) before!  I mean, how many times can I put pictures of a spatula up here and get away with it?  My adoring public (Hi, mom!) would revolt.

But other stuff goes on, like a new handle for a splitting maul.


This one was fun: one of the thrift store rocking chairs in my living room spontaneously disassembled while I was sitting in it.  I decided I should probably lay off the Twinkies, and then had to fix the chair.


I had a change to my design for bootjacks.  The original plan is on the left, and works just dandy on most work boots.  However, some dress boots didn’t stick well enough to be removed.  Thus, the new plan on the right.  It sticks better if you have narrow-heeled fancy boots.


And I keep up with rehabbing tools.  This particular example of a repaired chisel has a new black locust handle, fresh from the lathe.  I fix a couple every week and put them over on eBay.


There’s a lot going on every day in the woodshop.  More projects are coming up, though.  Stay tuned!