Pining for pencils

Every so often, I end up in between big jobs, or I just want to do something that’s not a massive undertaking.  I think of it kind of like a sorbet in between meal courses: something to refresh the palate and get you ready for something else.

That’s the case with this next little project.  I had an idea for a pencil box, and I had a little bit of white pine lying around, so I decided to just put it together.


As is my custom, I started by chopping out dovetails.


Once I’d fit all four corners, I went ahead and cut grooves on all four sides for the top and bottom to go into.


Some of you detail-oriented folks might notice that the pin boards are laid out differently.  One side is strangely offset.  This is intentional, since it will allow for a well-integrated top.  The “front” of the box is fit to the groove for the sliding lid (the pencil mark on the piece in the vice is where I’m working to in the picture).  A few shavings is all it takes to make it even up.


Then, it’s a matter of fitting the bottom in the box (it’s still just a bit long in the picture), and then gluing it all together.