The Red Queen’s race

Like the Red Queen, lately it’s felt as if I’ve been running very fast, just to stay in place.  It has been a little of this and of that, yet it seems as if nothing much has gotten done.  I suppose that’s because I still have lumber stacked up for a couple of big projects that really, I will get to…one day.  But there’s always little stuff that has to be moved out of the way before I can even get to the lumber and just like that the day is over, and what was I doing?

One of the things that has been keeping me busy has been that my wife presented me with the fait accompli of having an Etsy page ginned up (she put some of her scrollsaw work on it too), so suddenly I can see that I have a dearth of rock maple stuff, so I have to hurry up and make some things!

Well, that meant I had to order some rock maple.  So I did.  It got here today, but then I had to cut it into pieces that are correctly sized.  8′ of 3″ x 3″ stock will, with a little judicious resawing,  provide the makings for:

  • 2 rolling pins
  • 2 potato mashers
  • 2 pickling tampers
  • 2 small spatulas
  • 1 large spatula
  • 1 pair of candlesticks (stay tuned!)
  • 1 partridge in a pear tree

It’s just that judicious resawing that’s the problem…takes a while to break all of that out.


Then, I had a bowl blank that had been lying around collecting dust.  I’d already had two pieces turn out badly today (one had some rot down in the middle, and the other decided that it really wanted to bounce off the ceiling), so I decided to do something completely different.  I chucked up the faceplate and went at it.  Using the 2″  forstner bit to start the inside of the bowl made it go a lot more quickly.


And sometimes strange things just intrude.  I got a call to cut down a cherry tree that had been heeled over by the wind.  Though a lot of it was pretty knotty and/or punky (my firewood pile is orange right now), I did get a four-foot buttlog.  I used my regular chainsaw and squared it off–


–then slabbed it, freehand.  An Alaskan mill complete with a big honking saw and ripping chain would be nice, but for the moment I haven’t the funds (nor am I likely to in the near future ever).  The resulting bookmatched slabs are about 3″ thick, so check back in, oh, four years or so and we’ll see how it turned out.