I like to think of myself as a fairly conservation-minded individual.  Have I drunk the Kool-Aid eaten the tofu?  Not so much.  But I have a garden out back.  I ride a bicycle.  I turn the lights off when I’m in the room, let alone out of it.

I am also (in)famously miserly.  I pinch pennies so hard they turn into washers.  I have a garden out back because I don’t want to pay for vegetables.  I ride a bike because I don’t want to pay for gas.  I turn off the lights because who do you think is paying for those watts!?

One of the ways that these two philosophies came together today was in replacing my clothes dryer.  I did the math, and it worked out to almost a dollar to dry a load of clothes.  That means that I’m spending (with 3 loads/week average) a hundred and fifty dollars a year on drying clothes, while the back of a chair will do it for free!  On top of that, those kilowatt-hours are from the pollution-belching maw of coal-burning power plants which (so I’m told) are slowly turning the atmosphere into a noxious soup that will kill us all if it doesn’t cook us to death first.  Or get flooded out by the ice caps melting.  Or driven out by desertification.  Or eaten by the cannibalistic mobs that will form when society collapses from famine and–

Sorry.  I’ll dial it back a notch.  Or five.

Anyway, I decided to make use of the big solar clothes dryer outside.  Yup, the sun.  No pollutants (Eco) and free for the taking (stingy): perfect!  I started (like every project does) by laying out where I wanted the posts to go.  It’s about fifteen feet from the house, and the posts are twenty feet apart.


Then I started digging.  Using my trusty digging bar and clamshell posthole diggers, it doesn’t take too long.


It is a little awkward to work around my wife’s free range chickens, though.  While I’m trying to pile the spoil next to the hole, the critters are poking through it to find worms and grubs.  One of these days I’m going to whack one by accident and I’m going to get the multi-species evil eye.  However, so far this jobsite has gone 1 days without an accident.


The last thing for today was that I needed a few bits and bobs from the hardware store.  It was a nice day today, so I decided that I’d cut joinery later.  I hopped on the bike and went out to get the eyebolts and cable I needed.  My work vehicle might not carry quite as much as a Super Duty pickup, but at least it’s paid for.  And I don’t grumble about fueling it…