Keeping you posted

Once the crossbeams are done on our clothesline, it’s time to cut the posts.  I happened to have a 6×6 beam lying around.  It was sixteen feet long (!) and so that would yield two 8′ tall posts.  Since I’m making this clothesline for my vertically challenged wife, it can’t be that tall…


This side of the bridle joint is pretty large, but workable with a larger saw than most people use.  I used my 28″ ripsaw to cut the sides of the joint, then bored through the root of the joint.  Then, a little chisel work will clean up the very bottom and make it square.


After a little bit of fitting, the posts and beams fit together with only a little bit of tapping with a mallet.  I put the posts into the holes and tamped the clay back down around them.  You may want to make them splay away from each other just a bit, because the force of wind on laundry will pull at them a little.


I secured the crossbeams to the posts with weatherproof epoxy and a 1/2″ bolt, and then strung 1/8″ vinyl covered wire between eyebolts for the actual line.  For maximum longevity, the top of this assembly (especially the endgrain of the post) should be covered with flashing, and the whole thing painted.  I didn’t have any flashing lying around though, so I didn’t do that yet.  As it is, it should be fine until I can rustle some up later in the summer.