Stump speech

Today was a little different flavour of woodworking: I was using power tools!


Okay, so maybe it’s a little…coarser than I normally work with, but it was still wood, and it was definitely working, so I’m going to claim it.  Four years ago, I had the ailing eastern cottonwood trees cut down in my back yard.  Lacking funds (some things don’t change), I elected not to have the stumps ground out at the time.  I’ve been gardening around them since then, using improvised raised beds.  But today, il Duce and I decided to make strides for a more cohesive garden.

The stump grinding attachment for the BCS 853 is not a flimsy tool.  In fact, it’s downright hefty.  Even so, it does take a while to chew through a 48″ diameter stump.


But eventually, the stump is turned into a mass of woodchips.  The pile you see extends about 6″ under the soil level.  This is plenty if you had a tree downed and wanted to put soil and grass where the stump was.  Once again, little Benito proves his worth!