A recipe for disaster

Well, I’m hoping (fervently) for non-disaster, actually.  Here in Columbus, one of the local radio stations is sponsoring a big garage sale/flea market thing.  Lots of booths, all sorts of stuff.  Should be a very interesting time!

This goes doubly here at the woodshop, since I went ahead and rented one of the vendor spaces.  So I’ll be there with as much of my work as I can get done before then.  I’ve been working extensively on small items like spatulas and such rather than bigger projects just so my legions of adoring fans will have things to buy (my goodness, but I’ve made a lot of spatulas lately).  But I thought it would be prudent to bring a couple of joined projects too, and I’ve got a couple of trays done.  And one thing I thought would be nice, and along with what has apparently become my niche, is a recipe box.  You know, for the roughly six of you that don’t use big data to tell you how to make a frittata…

The box we’re going to make is going to be mostly poplar, but with a cherry top and bottom.  Yes, a cherry on top.  Clever, right?  But we’ll get started on one of these next time!