Coming undone

So, once the glue has cured on our little recipe box, and the outside has been cleaned up, we’re done!


Well, sort of.  Kind of like Modernist architecture, it’s a very nice rectangular solid, but it’s not very functional.  How are we supposed to get into this thing?!  Well, the astute among you may have noticed that one of the pins is a little bigger than the others.  This is not an error.  It’s a feature!  Well, not really a feature per se, but it’s how we’re going to get the box open.  The pin is extra wide because it has to accommodate a saw kerf.

A what?

Yup.  A saw kerf.  We’re going to take our lovely assistant rectangle and saw it in half.  Be precise and take your time, and it’s not as nerve-wracking as it sounds.  I do make a concession to the delicacy of this procedure and use my hybrid-filed panel saw here rather than my ripsaw.  It’s a little slower, but it cuts a thinner kerf, and leaves a finer surface behind.


And with that, and a little bit of clean-up, we have a box with a lid that fits exactly.  No muss, no fuss.  This cuts down (ha!) on the amount of assemblies that I have to put together, and ensures that the two will mate closely.