Once our recipe box is sawn in two, the next thing is to put it back together!  I decided to use hinges.  This provides an extra bit of fitting because the hinges have to be morticed into the sides of the box.  It’s very delicate work with a chisel and a small router plane, but not particularly complex.


Once the hinges fit, drill pilot holes for the screws and affix the hinges.  Make sure that the lid sits flush with the body of the box.  If there is a gap at the back of the lid where the hinges are, then you’ll need to cut your mortices a little deeper.  If there’s a gap at the front of the lid, you’ve gone too far, and you’ll need to plane down the rim of the box a little.  It doesn’t take much, but a little care will go a long way here.  Once the fitting was done, I also put a tiny bevel along the edges of the lid and body for a little contrast.  It also keeps any minor misalignment over time (due to humidity expansion) from being noticeable.


And then all it takes is a coat of oil and the box is done!  Here it is!


And inside, it’s just as nice.  It doesn’t have finish in it because inside an enclosed space, it can start to smell funky.  Refrain from putting oil inside boxes, cabinets, etc.


And now, I’m going to go collapse for a few hours.  I’ve been working overtime trying to get everything (including this box!) ready for the giant garage sale down at the racetrack tomorrow later today.  With the early start required to get everything set up, I might get four hours of sleep.  But it should be an interesting day.  Hope to see you there!