A tale of a garage sale

It was the best of sales,

It was the worst of sales…

Well, that may be a little dramatic, but it was both good and bad.  On Saturday, reville was at 0500, so we could eat breakfast and load the car (in the dark and in the rain), and be off by 0600.  We wended our way south of town to the racetrack (still in the dark and in the rain), and found our vendor’s spot in the parking lot.  By the time we got set up, dawn was starting to break, and the rain had mostly tapered off.


It stayed pretty nice, if kind of gray, up until just about 0800, when the show opened.  Then it started to rain again.  Wonderful.  But in spite of the bad weather, there were a few intrepid souls out in search of a good bargain.  I sold a couple of spatulas, and my wife sold a few puzzles.  We stuck it out through the drizzle until 1000, when a reverberating booom suggested that we pay attention to the black wall laced with lightning that was rapidly approaching from the west.  Deciding that discretion was the better part of valour, we hurriedly packed our wares.  By the time we were breaking down the canopy, the rain had arrived in force.  Horizontal sheets of rain pounded us as we loaded the car back up.  All around us, other vendors were in a decamping frenzy.  By the time the car was loaded, we were soaked through.

So we made a little bit, but it was quite the ordeal.  We’ll be back next year, I expect, though hopefully the rain declines to attend.