Basket, Non-deplorable, 1 each…

One of the best places to put a little storage on your bike is on the handlebars.  Some bikes are purpose-built to carry mail, or crates, or pizzas, and etc.  This culminates in the Dutch bakfiets design that basically cuts the front wheel off a bike and shoves a plywood box in between the handlebars and the wheel.  That’s a little much.  The French porteur style uses a big handlebar bag with a steel spreader/stiffener behind it.  They look nice, but would probably get stolen in short order in my part of town.  Instead, I just wanted to add a front basket that was discreet, inexpensive, sturdy, and reasonably roomy…and world peace.

But I actually did get my basket!  I used the Wald #198, which does all of the things mentioned above.  It is braced from beneath with a couple of steel legs that attach to the axle, so it is plenty sturdy.  If you have a suspension fork, like my wife’s bike, Wald also makes a version that will brace against the stem rather than the axle.  It’s not quite as sturdy, but it lets the suspension work like it’s supposed to.  Both of these are helpful during a ride because you can access your cargo while you ride.  Doing that with the rear baskets is…not recommended.


Wald does make bigger baskets.  But these two models were selected with multi-modality in mind.  They will fit on the bus rack comfortably with other bikes, and the support stays are far enough back to allow the front tire to be held securely…even with bad part of town roads and kamikaze drivers.