Canned laughter

Well, the time had come to start working out the joinery for our FIFO unit.  Since the space I had would fit twenty (!) cans of mushrooms, and all of that weight would need to be supported by the corners, I decided to use dovetails for strength.  For expediency, I gang-cut the tails.


This FIFO unit was made to be fairly inexpensive.  It’s purely utilitarian, so I used white pine.  One 10′ 1×4, and one 10′ 1×6 was all this took, along with a few nails and screws and a dab of glue and paint.  And since I was using paint, I could use some non-primo pine too.  Altogether it was about fifteen dollars in materials.  To keep the shop time down, I decided to use the lumber as it came from the lumberyard, 3/4″ thick.  I probably could have made it a little thinner, but it was faster to do it this way, and stouter too.

The top and bottom got fitted to the sides in short order.  They did look a little disproportionate, but it will come together in the end.  Do take note that the tails are on the sides.  This positions the mechanical lock in the dovetail to resist the weight of the cans.


Finally, I got a jump on the next portion of the build, and ripped the front and back to width.  It is very quick to rip through this narrow pine, so be sure to keep your saw from wandering.  Next time we’ll see how these will go on to the carcase we just joined.