Back-channel negotiations

Last time, you saw that I had ripped a piece of 1×6 to fit the width of the FIFO unit.  Once I cleaned up the kerf marks with my #7 jointer plane, I used a moving fillister plane to cut a long rebate on both sides of the back.  This provides a more secure defence against racking under load.


Then, I attached the back to the carcase.  Since the unit will hang on the wall supported by this back, I may have gone a teensy bit overboard in that.  This is glued, nailed, and screwed to the carcase.  But it was nuking it from orbit the only way to be sure.


Once the back was on, I needed to put a front on as well.  Since this isn’t load-bearing, I just used a few nails.  I cut it short enough to clear the mushroom cans on both the top and bottom, allowing for both withdrawal and replenishment.


The last thing for today was that I felt that trying to wiggle a can out of the rack might be difficult as it was.  So I used a big 2″ Forstner bit to cut recesses out of the bottom sides (later cleaned up with a rasp) to allow for even my old busted up fingers to get to them.  Small, agile fingers should have it even easier!