Magazine clips

Once the FIFO unit I’d been making was together, I went ahead and gave it a coat of paint.  It might not have been strictly necessary, but I wanted the protective qualities and I also wanted it to draw the unit together visually into a cohesive whole.  Yes, knotty pine drives me insane.


To attach this unit to the wall, I’m going to use some aluminium clips.  These are sort of like a metallic French cleat.  There are a few different styles, but I these ones from Menard’s were both readily available, and inexpensive.  You’ll find them in with the picture hanging supplies.


It was cheapest per inch to buy a 30″ length, but I only needed about 4″.


The flatter part gets screwed to the FIFO unit.  Make sure it is oriented correctly, and square across.


The piece with the cylindrical portion in the middle goes on the wall.  That bit of cylinder holds a little bitty (included) level.  Not strictly necessary for me, but nice for the unequipped.  Make sure that the maths work out for where the clip is screwed to the wall and where it is on whatever you’re trying to hang.  If you get it misaligned, it’s a real pain to fix.  I’ve attached these clips to a piece of 1×4 that I’ve run across the drywall and attached to the studs with very long screws.  This allows me to use every stud in the wall space provided, and not have to be restricted on where the FIFO can be hung.  In theory, I could have angled the top edge of this rail and used it for the cleat directly.  But I wanted a little air circulation between the FIFO and the wall so that it didn’t moulder back there.  That is not a surprise you want to find later.