Not a lot of woodworking going on at the moment.  I’ve been clearing up some other things around the property as of late, chores that I had been less than timely in accomplishing.

Yes, that means I was slacking.

So although another project is in the works, I’ve been labouring under my old landscaping hat rather than the workshop one.  An example:


I’ve laid a layer of cardboard under the mulch as a biodegradable (and cheap!) weed block.  It’s pretty effective (and cheap!) at keeping the weeding down, which is good because I hate doing it.  It also keeps my recycle bin from getting overwhelmed (and cheap!) with packaging.  In the winter I could burn it, but in the summer that’s not so inviting.  Just make sure to remove the plastic tape before you bury it because it doesn’t decompose and is a real mess later on.