The Beginning

“Internet Woodworking”

It sounded like such an oddball concept.  Sort of like “Radio Knitting”.  How to reconcile the profoundly tactile with the remotely virtual?

I work almost exclusively with hand tools.  The feel of a plane whistling along the grain is different than the juddering snarl that occurs if the same board is planed against the grain.  The smell of working White Oak (sort of musty and earthy) is completely different than cutting through Douglas Fir (fresh and astringent), and both of those are different from Eastern Cottonwood (old litter box).  Watching the shimmering depths of a freshly planed piece of cherry sparkle in the raking sun is worlds away from looking at a picture of a cherry board.

But I will try.

See, people have told me when I make them things that while they really like to see and touch and smell the finished product, they would be interested in seeing how a chunk of tree came to be the spatula they use to make their family’s dinner.  Or how a serving tray ever came from a plain old pine board.  After all, who would think to build things out of tree skeletons?

So I will use this medium to allow a window to the process.  See what goes on as I design and create.  I’ll show the steps that go into that smooth, organic spatula handle.  Or you can see the precision behind those dovetails.  Unlike the world of trade secrets and proprietary information, my little shop is actually open for business.  Come on in!