We deal in lead, friend…

Before you glue the box together, we need to fit the end that the lid will slide over.  This is pretty quick to do, since if you grooved both the top and bottom of all four sides, then you already have a reference point to where the lid will slide.  I cut almost all the way to the bottom edge of the groove with a saw, then cleaned it up with a plane to where it was flush with the other grooves.


At this point, the box was pretty much done, so I went ahead and glued it up.  I’m still trying to use every clamp in the shop at one time.  This project didn’t make it, but I took a shot at it…


Though the box was together, it still needed to close.  I beveled the sides of the lid to give it a spine of maximum thickness (strength) through the middle, yet still allow it to ride in the grooves.  This is a fairly simple process for my #4 plane.


To get the box open once the lid fit, I gouged out a finger pull.


And with a few coats of oil, our bullet box is complete!  It holds all 100 rounds snugly, and once they are used up, the box remains as a keepsake.


Here’s another picture that shows those rounds comfortably ensconced within.  I think this is a little classier than the .mil version, don’t you?



Bang on

As you might have gleaned from earlier posts, I was once an active duty Marine, an infantryman to be specific.  It was an excessively interesting portion of my life, but one which I can’t see ever trying to take a mulligan on.  It had a rather outsized impact on not only how the rest of my life has turned out, but also who I am.

It came to pass that one of my old friends from that time contacted me with interesting news: he was getting married, and wished me to attend.  Of course I was happy for him and quickly agreed to come up for it.  But after I hung up, I had a brief, questioning moment of doubt: what should I bring as a gift?

Well, if you recall, I said that we were on active duty together.  That made it a little easier, because an appropriate gift for us old campaigners is almost always ammunition.  Problem solved!

I mentioned this to my wife and was the prompt recipient of the eyebrow of scorn: “Really?  You’re getting him ammo?”  Now I realise that those of you who are of the weaker fairer sex might not understand that really this is a fairly personal purchase.  You have to know a lot of fairly specific details before you can buy ammo for someone.  And since it’s a fairly expensive consumable, we’re always happy to get it.  I mentioned that I was gifting ammo to someone else that has been in some similar places and his response was “Ammo?  Cool!”

But at any rate, I wanted to tie together the past and present.  I no longer carry a rifle (or light machine gun, more correctly) for a living, but then again I didn’t work wood back then either.  So I decided that not only would I gift some ammo, but also make a little box to give it in that would remain after the rounds were expended.  As it’s been given and I’m not going to ruin the surprise, I feel it’s safe to document the build here.  Thankfully, I had just enough walnut, and a piece of cherry that would suit.